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Florence is a Dynamic ever changing city -
the heart of Renaissance culture. The traces of the Renaissance, the fashion boutiques, and fine Italian craftsmanship are an inexhaustible source of inspiration: Artists, Designers, Architects, Poets from around the world, are always influenced by the florentine atmosphere.


Florence is a walkabout city which can be easily
explored on foot and every corner reveals a glimpse of something unexpected and surprising. You can walk to some of the places of major interest: The Cathedral, Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Strozzi, Ponte Vecchio, The Boboli Garden, Uffizi are only a few of the wonderful places you will find.


The school is in the immediate vicinity of
the city center, in Via degli Artisti ( Artists street). This district is the center of artistic production in Florence and a short walk will take you to some of the busiest streets of florentine life, where workshops, bars, cafes jostle with shops, art galleryes and vintage boutiques. Moreover, the school is well served by buses and is near the railway station (Campo di Marte).


Nightlife is spread over the many bars and clubs in
the city centre and in summer, along the river, Piazza Santa Croce, Piazza Santo Spirito and San Niccolo riverside are some of Florence's night hubs


we suggest you spend your first
nights in Florence in a hotel ( ad we enclose a list for your information) while you look for an apartment or find before via Internet. A single room in a shared apartment will cost from 550/650 euro per month, an independent apartment will cost from 750/1250 euro per month. These prices are indicative according to size and location.